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Eldar Infantry Bunker for WARHAMMER 40K


These building plans are simple, they are suitable for beginners.
Building in picture is made using 1 cm thickness Polystyrene sheets and a cm 21x21x0.5 wooden base. It is an Eldar Infantry Bunker and it contain up to 10 Eldar soldiers.
It is a perfect building for Warhammer 40K GW miniatures and it improves your Eldar battlefield.
Of course, it is an Eldar military building, and it is suitable for every defensive battle, in order to protect Eldar infantry troops. It may be a simple outpost or it may be included in a bigger Eldar planetary base.

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The most difficulty in order to realize a fine model, is to draw accurate plans of all the needed pieces. It is not enought to have a right view of the shape, size and proportions that building will have to have. The designer has to imagine the exploded view of the model, in order to find the more suitable mode to link together all pieces. The project phase require much more time then assembling phase.

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