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Tabletop Simulation Games Rules


Tabletop games in this page are not found on commerce, they were designed by an expert player of wargames who prefers realistic games, in which tactical and strategical abilities are important to win more than fortune.
Here are pictures of self made games available, respective rulebooks and graphic items may be purchased and received in 24 hours in pdf format files (up to 20 Mb), by email attachment.
Depending on type of game, whose only printable digital items (rulebook,cards, maps, counters...) are sold here, buyers must find all other items whose they may need in order to be able to play (dice, pins,models...).
Please, read description of game before purchasing, to well understand if you may have available all items which game requires.



Go to 'The Inside War' game description page


Go to 'W.W.II - Steel Wheels' game description page

  These games are created by Angelo Castiglioni, all rights are reserved, content may not be reproduced, sold, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of Angelo Antonio Maurizio Castiglioni.
All uploaded files are licensed for use only in order to be able to print a single copy of rulebook and graphic items required for realization of the game that has been paid for.

Because .pdf files that are attached to emails are saved in the receiving computer, after they are sent, if no 'mail delivery message' error cames back from destination mailbox or I.S.P., messages and files are considered as received and no refund will be admitted, eventually further send can be done, but only in case the buyer has erased or lost the file he has paid for.
If you have questions please write to  Castiglioni Angelo , you'll get answer in 24 hours.